Before ID.4

Client: Volkswagen

Before it can change the world, it has to change yours.


The ID.4 is the first ever all-electric SUV that is made for the masses. And its long awaited launch is here. Its arrival had to signal a turning point for the segment. A fresh electric narrative was needed — one that breaks away from the expected tropes of “the future of mobility” and “saving the planet.”

The Idea

This new narrative introduced with our campaign, Before ID.4, came from the insight: A great car for the life of our planet should also be a great car for our lives. Drivers need to actually find personal value in what the car offers. For years, the auto industry has asked consumers to make sacrifices in leaving their gas vehicles behind. Most electric offerings missed the mark with limited range, high purchase prices and body styles that were out of step with American driver preferences. Owning and driving an ID.4 solves those limitations and unlocks a tremendous lifestyle upgrade.

Like waking up to a full charge every morning, enjoying a quieter ride so you can hear things like, birds or crickets, or birds and crickets.  And what about having lower maintenance costs, too? The ID.4 isn’t just going to feel good to buy. It’s going to feel exhilarating to own.

In this campaign, directed by Calmatic, we throw the viewer into a cross-country trip filled with fun transitions and energy, each scene showing how the ID.4 has changed everyday life for the ones who are driving it. From a mother setting the mood for her toddler napping in the back seat, to a girl who’s freezing from eating too much ice cream and can now use her voice to ask the ID.4 to warm her up. We shot a myriad of scenes, each showing a different feature of the ID.4 and how that feature will make the driver’s world better.

The Look



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