Adidas ZXience Network

Client: adidas Originals

The ZX franchise is built on a legacy of experimentation.


The ZX Franchise has a legacy of experimentation. In the 1980s, it introduced technology that redefined what a running shoe could do. Now, as a lifestyle sneaker, it’s an experiment in feeling. The ZX 2K BOOST pushes the boundaries of logic in favor of pure satisfaction.

The Idea

To introduce it to the world, we created THE ZXIENCE NETWORK:

an always on, always oddly satisfying takeover of the adidas Originals YouTube channel.

The Approach

We turned the wearing experience of the ZX 2K BOOST into shows that stimulate the senses by rallying creators from all corners of the oddly satisfying internet world. From slow-motion hydraulic press videos to liquid nitrogen experiments, 3D animation, and more, we created 12 hours of sensation inspired by a sneaker you could feel. Tune in and Feel The ZXience.



It turned out that an oddly satisfying network for an oddly satisfying shoe is exactly what the people wanted.



Muse by Clio — 10.20.2020
Adidas Made a Sprawling 12-Hour Ad Starring the ZX 2X Boost Sneaker
Adweek — 10.20.2020
Adidas Blends Surreal, Satisfying Art and ASMR in a 12-Hour Video Starring Its New Shoe

Its mixture of art, ASMR, visuals, and sounds captivated people to experience a new level of sneaker satisfaction.


Introducing a new generation to step into a new future of sneaker technology.


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