OMNI Zxience Edition

Client: adidas Originals

A Layered Backstory


The adidas 5K Boost combines elements of past models with innovative science – for a fresh look—creating a sneaker in which the past, present, and future were all layered on top of each other.

To celebrate the launch of the 5k Boost, we turned to science fiction for inspiration—a genre famous for layering curiosity, innovation, science and imagination on top of each other.A VEHICLE FOR REINVENTION

The Idea

A Vehicle for Reinvention

With a shoe so steeped in retro style and futuristic scientific innovation, we thought it best to look back in order to see the way forward. To do so, we brought Omni magazine, a discontinued, cult classic sci-fi magazine back from the dead for one final issue. Through this issue, we would be able to tell the story of our sneaker using both science and fiction.

The Design

A Vintage Look-and-feel.
Modern Sensibilities.
A Collective Vision of the Future.

This enhanced issue of Omni layered artists, styles, photography and nostalgic design into one magazine issue — raised from the dead — all to highlight the layered science within Adidas new 5K Boost.


In all, we collaborated with 30 artists across all disciplines. We utilized the microscopic photography of Dr. Gary Greenberg, the style of artists like Robert Beatty, Miki Kim, Dylan Anderson and the writing of authors like Ytasha Womack and Madeleine Holth and many more to tell our story.



Ad Age — 03.01.2018
JL’s work for adidas Originals named as finalist in Creativity Awards

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