Yours To Make
By shining a light on what moves you, you show us what we can be.

How do you reignite love for a platform that everyone is already using? That was the question we asked ourselves when Instagram challenged us to help them launch a meaningful brand campaign. The answer was simple: galvanize today’s youth by letting them know that Instagram was truly behind them.

This meant speaking on behalf of a generation of young people struggling to find themselves in the world, rather than speaking at them. Listening to them, their interests, what matters to them, rather than analyzing and criticizing their every move. With all the added pressure the world is putting on young people, if only felt natural to let them know that finding yourself is a process, one that is ever-constant and ongoing, rather than a goal to accomplish.

So we debuted a new campaign, Yours to Make, casting real Instagram users and asking them to light themselves and their inspirations, using the one tool they already have at their disposal: their cell phones.  Showing us, the world, what moves them, and shining the way for what’s next. We encouraged them to make bold statements to the world: what they won’t go back to, what they want to see in the world, and what they want to be themselves. 

The resulting work is a celebration of youth and of the power they wield. A call-to-action that’s as easy to participate in as any: explore who you can be on Instagram, and show us what we can be in the process. Because who you are, and who we’ll be, is yours to make. 

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