You Need a Friend Like You

Client: Instagram


Teens are feeling the pressures of social media like never before. Teens want to believe they can take on wellbeing issues by themselves, but aren’t always confident on the follow through. Instagram’s well-being tools can help them out, if we can just break the stigma around using them.

The Idea

We created this campaign to tell teens to show up for the most important friendship in their life—the one they have with themselves.

Over the past few years, Instagram has been partnering with scientists and teens to create tools that make the platform better. To make Instagram work more for you, and less against. 

They’ve introduced a number of tools to MUTE the toxic, BLOCK bad vibes, SHARE WITH CLOSE FRIENDS and not anyone else, and more.

And now, we’re putting that power in the palm of our audience’s hands. Allowing them to curate their experience on the platform like never before, so it’s more positive, more inspirational—more them.


The Look


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