Volkswagen North America
Break Free
Life gets bigger when you break from the herd.

In a world that’s constantly pushing people to conform, the Volkswagen Tiguan represents a break from the status quo, as an SUV that’s not the conventional choice. It’s a vehicle for people who know that living a bigger life starts with taking your own road, regardless of what everyone else wants you to do.

We bring this mindset to life with “Break Free”, the story of a sheep who embodies every person who’s ever wanted to break from conformity and live life to its fullest. Directed by Bryce Howard, this spot follows our sheep’s journey, as she escapes the mundanity of her herd with a little help from the VW Tiguan, and goes on to realize her dream of becoming a dog. 

Overall the spot is a celebration of the open-minded spirit that Volkswagen is championing with the relaunch of its “Drive Bigger” platform.