Kraft Heinz
Oscar Mayer Stupid or Genius
Sparking the great wiener debate.

Some things are flat out stupid.
Others, are simply genius.

And some things are up for debate, like hot dogs.

For Summer, we invited people to the not-so-serious side of life, by toasting (and roasting) the ultimate icon of summer shenanigans— the hot dog wiener.

Stupid or Genius. A campaign that celebrates bizarrely playful ways to eat wieners. Bouquets, rakes, cakes, and more unleashed upon the world raising the question.

Every touchpoint an opportunity for our audiences to engage and continue the debate, concluding with the one too close to call being brought to life:

The Cold Dog, hot dog-flavored frozen pop. Partnering with Popbar to make real, it’s a dream for some, a nightmare for others, but undoubtedly has the world talking about hot dogs more than ever.

By transforming our consumer into the vehicle for our message, we achieved 3,400% increase in brand engagement on Instagram, garnered 1.4 billion earned impressions, and appeared in 1,869 publications.