Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe Frozen “Deluxified”

Client: Kraft Heinz, Kraft Mac and Cheese



New Kraft Mac and Cheese Deluxe is cheesier, creamier, and heartier than ever before, taking your comfort zone to the next level, deluxifying it, if you will. 

Multiple doting grandmas, a giant cuddly cat, and a huggable human-size hot water bottle are some of the cozy feelings you get to experience when eating this delicious pasta. 


Heat up, wind down, and help yourself to some deluxification.

Film Description

We collaborated with Ian Pons Jewell and Yukiro Shoda to create films not only about comfort but comfortable films. From the music, typography, to personified comfort items, they paid attention to every detail to ensure deluxifiy oozed through the screen.

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