Kraft Heinz
That’s La Dolce Velveeta
It’s not just a way to eat, it’s a way to live.

How do you hit reset on a 103 year old product? You hone in on one indisputable, decades-spanning truth:

Velveeta lovers don’t give a fork. 

They don’t think about ways to earn pleasure—they know they deserve to bask in it each and every day. No rules, no judgments. Just a good time all day everyday. They don’t seek out a mild meal or snack…they go all in. With that in mind, we didn’t uncover an idea, but a very simple and big truth: Velveeta is so much more than just a food—it’s an ethos. It’s a flag that proudly emboldens people to live their way with one simple rule to guide them: follow your pleasure above everything else. 

So we made a campaign about pleasure opportunists: the kinds of people who know there is no difference between a Monday morning and a Friday afternoon—because they’re all just opportunities to enjoy the day. We wanted to shine a light on this very particular slice of the good life that’s often overlooked, but easy to enjoy once you unlock it.

The result is a campaign that celebrates those who enjoy themselves exactly how they want to. Rules be damned. It’s a lifestyle that, like the product inspiring it, is outrageously decadent and oh-so-attainable. 

It’s more than a food, it’s a way of life. That’s La Dolce Velveeta.

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