We Gave The World an Original, You Gave Us a Thousand Back

Client: adidas Originals


This campaign is a love letter to the Originals who made adidas who it is today.

Because while we have may have given the world a tool for sport, it’s the cultures, communities, and individuals who brought us to where we are today.

Three films. Three directors. Three Stripes. 

Made in partnership with LoveSong directors Daniel Wolfe, Will Dohrn, and Justyna Obasi, each film told the stories of how each iconic silhouette made its journey from sport to culture, blurring the lines between what was captured and what was curated.

From the Original stories told, the authentic timelines chronicled, the vintage apparel sourced from adidas’ archives, the styles of capture used for each era—authenticity was central to every choice that was made.

An outdoor gallery of triptychs displayed Originals from across the world in their truest forms. Made in collaboration with photographer Chadwick Tyler, the campaign looks for Originals from the past, present, and those creating our future.


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