The Crew Takes Instagram

Client: Instagram


Instagram’s back with the second installment of its campaign centered around connection, and the small, everyday acts of creativity that spark it. The campaign centers around The Crew—a ragtag group of teens who try to save their night after their prom plans fall apart. Launched with a 3-minute film and dozens of shorts, feature filmmaker Haley Elizabeth Anderson captured the authentic, awkward humor of today’s youth, while photographer Mayan Toledano lensed an OOH campaign that showed how Instagram makes connection fun and easy. Supported by digital, audio, and even appearing on @instagram itself, the project marks Instagram’s most ambitious project to date.

As a continuation of our campaign from last year that brought Instagram back to being a home for connection, this next installment sees the brand doubling down on its unique differentiator—those little, everyday acts of creativity that let someone know you’re thinking about them with a re-shared meme, or how you’re feeling with a Music Sticker, or how just adding someone to Close Friends can make them feel, well, just that much closer.

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