So Much to Share

Client: Instagram


Explore the multiverse of Instagram with a musical, modular ode to all that is entertaining on the platform. 

With some of the world’s most amazing Creators, funniest sketch comedians, most inspiring artists, and most awesome imagery, Instagram is where you go to discover and share new and exciting content.

In this campaign, we paid homage to all that and more in a musical, modular anthem — So Much To Share. Set to a modern take of Offenbach’s “Can-Can,” each verse features Instagram’s known and unknown creators and takes the viewer through a different sector of the IG multiverse.

The resulting work is a celebration of the weird, wonderful, animated, “cursed,” surreal, dance-able, fashionable, unpredictable, and share-able on Instagram. Because in this world — entertainment is everywhere, the only way to see it all is to start sharing.


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