Pinkies Out

Client: Kraft Heinz, Velveeta

Pinkies out motherforkers


After successfully launching La Dolce Velveeta as a lifestyle brand, we needed to continue to prove to the world we’re no longer just a cheese, but a symbol of so much more…

The Idea

We partnered up with Nails Inc. to launch Velveeta Pinkies Out Polish — a nail polish that encourages you to live every moment pinkies out, not just the fancy ones. Because that’s La Dolce Velveeta.

The Approach

We launched our signature cheese-scented polish through a social campaign that showed our newest generation of pleasure-seekers living La Dolce Velveeta through the lens of enjoying life, pinkies out. We brought in models and influencers to show us how they make the everyday ordinary feel outrageous and extraordinary — with nothing more than the right polish and a pinkies out kind of attitude.

The Drum — 06.07.2022
Pinkies out: Velveeta’s cheese-scented nail polish is now a reality
Ad Age — 06.07.2022
Velveeta’s New Nail Polish Smells Like Cheese
Food & Wine — 06.07.2022
Velveeta Just Dropped a Cheese-Scented Nail Polish

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