Bagel Bites

Client: Bagel Bites, Kraft Heinz

A timely reminder that there are things that unite us all


Bagel Bites is the coming together of two unlikely items – a pizza and a bagel. During a time when the world couldn’t seem to agree on anything, we reminded it there’s hope yet.


If a pizza and a bagel can come together, we all can

Can you think of two more unlikely things that could come together for such a delicious outcome? We couldn’t. 

So we scoured the world for divided opinions, based on our interests, our internet obsessions and our possessions, to remind everyone that no matter how divided we may seem there was always something we could all agree on.


We inserted Bagel Bites into cultural debates. Broadcast television set the stage, then through local out of home, contextually placed digital and reddit prompts we invited our audience to participate in the debates. All culminating in a national debate about dog pants that made mainstream news. Yes, dog pants.