Krafts Singles Single

Client: Kraft Heinz

Moving out of the kitchen and into the cultural spotlight, Kraft Singles drops the Singles Single. And it features none other than multi-platinum singer/songwriter/chef Kelis. Yes, that Kelis.


“Square It (feat. Kelis)” is a full-length musical track that explores all the glorious ways to use a Kraft Single while throwing shade at all other cheeses. Hella hotta than ricotta.   

The Idea

The Singles Single launched on all streaming platforms alongside a limited edition vinyl record with packaging designed to match the iconic Kraft Singles American cheese. 

And it was accompanied by a music video directed by Sammy Rawal and starring Honey Balenciaga. A feast for your eyes. Also just a feast. 


The track also scored a series of highly choreographed short-form videos showcasing the ubiquity of Kraft Singles across a smorgasbord of dishes.


Stream “Square It (feat. Kelis)” and watch the official music video.


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