Bagel Bites Dog Pants

Client: Kraft Heinz


After launching the new Bagel Bites campaign, “Pizza on a Bagel – We Can All Agree With That,”  we couldn’t stop debating one of the campaign films, which posed the question: how would a dog wear pants?


To settle the debate, we created the pants in real life and let the people decide.



So for National Dog Week, we brought the debate into the real world with real-life pants for dogs. Along with a Twitter poll stoking the debate, we launched our online store,, which sold both 2-Legged and 4-Legged doggie pants.


The pants sold out the same day of launch.

But no matter how you think dogs should wear pants, we can all agree on one thing. Dogs are adorable in Bagel Bites pizza snacks pants.


People — 09.24.2020
Bagel Bites Is Here to Find a Definitive Answer to ‘What Should Pants for Dogs Look Like?’
Mobile Marketer — 09.24.2020
Bagel Bites dips into Twitter debate about how dogs should wear pants
Fox News — 09.24.2020
Bagel Bites hopes to solve debate on how dogs should wear pants

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