An American Love Story

Client: Volkswagen


2024 isn’t just another year for Volkswagen. The brand is marking its 75th anniversary in America and pegging up for the launch of one of the most anticipated cars in automotive history – the ID. Buzz.

To celebrate this pivotal moment, we launched a campaign grounded in a simple yet profound truth: our brand isn’t solely shaped by us but by the millions of drivers who transformed us into what we are today.

In this coming-of-age story about Volkswagen’s evolution from an outsider to a cultural icon, the main character is the car itself. Given this, it was crucial that the viewer connected with our protagonist. 

To bring this vision to life, we teamed up with the legendary director and longtime Volkswagen collaborator, Lance Accord. Helping us give life to our vision and enhancing the anthropomorphic qualities of the cars.

 In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl we launched seven teasers, each giving context to the scenes and historic VW moments depicted in our film.

On the grandest stage of all – Super Bowl – we reignited Americans’ love for our brand by reminding them that they’re, in fact, the people who built it in the first place.

The Volkswagen brand has embodied and articulate a bewildering range of ideas over the years. 

To highlight this, we made a series of prints highlighting the American people’s role in the shaping of the Volkswagen brand. 

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