A Little Assist

Client: Volkswagen

Everyone can use a little help now and then.


From work, to daily life, self-reliance is a quality that’s not only celebrated in our culture, it’s one that we almost all strive for. Whether it’s carrying every grocery bag from the car, or being sure we can fix that thing ourselves, we all have times when we’re adamant that “we got it”… even when we don’t.


This simple human truth is the insight behind Volkswagen’s latest safety spot, “A Little Assist”; the story of a man who confidently turns down help at every turn, until the moment he finally realizes he needs it–when a pedestrian errantly walks into the street and the only thing that helps him avoid an accident is a little help from his Tiguan’s Front Assist.

Directed by Tim Godsall, this spot continues Volkswagen’s trend of bucking convention in the automobile advertising space, as it tells an unexpectedly relatable story that demonstrates a standard car feature in a unique way.


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