EA Sports
Madden NFL 20
We Put Stardom In Your Hands Through The Ultimate Pre-Game Huddle.

The Madden NFL franchise is a staple for EA Sports, with a history of fandom that spans decades, and the most realistic digital football experience gaming has to offer.

With the launch of Madden NFL 20, EA Sports asked us to create a campaign that would generate anticipation and hype its most innovative version of the title to date. With brand new
features, player modes, and storylines, it provides gamers unparalleled freedom to achieve superstardom whichever way that they choose.

And what announces a player’s arrival as a superstar better than being given the keys to lead the iconic football huddle? But in true Madden NFL 20 spirit, we put the huddle in people's hands to lead it their way.

What starts as a typical Patrick Mahomes football huddle beco
mes a veritable showdown between athletes, hip-hop stars, cultural icons, and an everyday gamer. As each star boasts on how they’re going to achieve gridiron greatness, the film is packed with jokes, dance moves, easter eggs, a smoke bomb, and yes, even a jet ski.