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Stan Smith: Some People Think I Am A Shoe!
Deepening The Stan Smith Story For A New Generation

The Stan Smith sneaker has achieved cult status since its debut in 1970 and been lauded the most iconic (and sold) sneaker ever made. Yet, as the shoe has achieved much success, not many know the man behind the sole, the living tennis legend that is Stan Smith. In fact, most don’t know that Stan has many of the same characteristics that fans love about his shoe - simple, humble, and ubiquitous.

We realized that in order to go up against the current influencer marketing model, we had to find a solution around the identity crisis of a tennis legend, whose shoe is more popular to this generation than he is.

So we decided to tell the story that was never told - the story of Stan. We spoke to the most progressive and digitally savvy generation in the most nostalgic and intimate medium: a 300-page book.  

The simple tennis court-inspired design system becomes the frame for over 100 stories about Stan the man, and Stan the shoe. Stories from Stan himself. Stories from his close friends. And stories from people around the world, who love the shoe.

Just like Stan’s own memories, the book follows a non-linear path—turning the most rational tool, the alphabet, into a cultural encyclopedia as unpredictable as Stan’s journey.

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