Three Questions with Mariah

Short interviews with select JLers about all things life and creativity.

How did you envision your career path / journey 5 years ago?

5 year ago, I thought I was going to be involved in some form of theater. I loved creating in that capacity, whether it be writing, directing, stage managing, acting, producing and honestly anything that involved putting on a show. On the other hand, I would have hoped to be stable, happy and maybe have a puppy.

What drew you to strategy in advertising and what ultimately made you make the move?

I had no idea what strategy was, but one thing that stood out was that there was a lot of room for growth. That immediately piqued my interest. I decided to ask people around the office what their jobs entailed, and I was enamored by the way our strategists described their job. They all had an infectious passion, and their eyes would light up, which left me with a desire to find out what this field was all about. Through my search I found that what they did was not at all different from my past work experiences, and there were many skills that overlapped with the role. Ultimately, after several conversations and offering my assistance in any way that I could, Steve and Mary helped me transition into their department, and I’ve loved being a part of the team so far!

How has your transition been so far? What are some new things you are learning in your new role, and have you experienced any challenges? If so, how have you overcome them?

Like any new role or job, you will always feel inadequate, but the Strat team has been incredibly supportive and I am always just so fascinated by their knowledge, intelligence and expertise when it comes to the field. The team has made this transition very comfortable and it feels like a safe place to not know the answers to everything. The truth is we all don’t know everything, but what I’ve learnt is there is always some way to find the answer or there is someone that knows the answer. I’m really lucky that my team is a very great support system. Speaking up about my challenges has been the greatest challenge that I have overcome.