Three Questions with Andrea

Short interviews with select JLers about all things life and creativity.

How was your experience transitioning from College/University to a career in Advertising Production? Was it what you expected?

I studied Media Science in college, and I know I have always wanted to work in media, but I wasn’t attuned to what advertising really entailed. I had three months to find a job, and through a recommendation I happened to send a blind email to JL.

I was truly intrigued by the mantra Consumer is The Medium, but more importantly having the opportunity to work alongside women felt like a dream. I truly had no expectations going in, and if anything it wasn’t what I expected from an advertising Agency, but that did not come without some challenges. There was a learning curve and a lot of adjustments that had to be made, but the spontaneity, curve balls and surprise of working in production is why I love it so much. It’s very fulfilling to produce work that you are proud of, and at the same time feel like you have a voice and influence in the work we make.

What first got you into Tik Tok and what are some of the things you love and dislike most about the app?

During the first lockdown in St. Martin, much like the world, the extra time  I now had birthed my journey with TikTok. I have always loved to dance since I was a child so TikTok dances came naturally. Believe it or not, I was initially skeptical, but the unvarnished nature of the app reeled me. I was overwhelmed by all the other social platforms that circulated intense current events, and TikTok brought some levity to the hardship we were all going through. Unlike other platforms, your social profile doesn’t matter, and because of the high paced environment it gives you the liberty to be free without having to over think about what you post or how you will be judged. I think of it as sending a letter with no return label. My skepticism with Tik Tok lies within the ability for an untruthful or concerning video to gain momentum because of specific qualities that are favored by the algorithm.

What is your dream job and who are you looking forward to working with in the future? What would you like to be a producer on?

My end goal is to act, write, produce and direct my own movie. I have learned so much from production and the creatives here at JL, and I am always reminded of the power of advertising. We strive to create something relatable, and funny that still pulls heart strings, and a movie is just a longer version of that. Gaining experience with casting also provided more insight into the industry and strengthened my desire to work as a professional actress. I have a profound respect for the Kraft Account, because the brand is willing to take risks and pursue out of the box methods to appeal to Gen Z. I am also extremely thrilled to work on the Uber account, and I am excited to see how we can create work for the everyday human.