The Little Things

Client: Volkswagen

Tech that isn’t techy.


So many EV’s look and feel futuristic and techy, with the main selling point being “It’s electric!”. The Volkswagen ID.4 opened up a chance to do something different. There was an opportunity with this campaign to make the transition to an EV less intimidating, and in doing so, highlight little moments of joy that can come from its unique features.

Film Description

We wanted these films to be as simple as the moments that play out in them. It was a point of emphasis that attracted esteemed director Fredrik Bond to the project. Together, we crafted stories that highlighted the little things in life, all while using the VW ID.4 as the stage.

Christian Pulisic x ID.4 Little Things

Something becomes extraordinary by focusing on the little things. We had a chance to talk to the extraordinary athlete, Christian Pulisic, to uncover some of his little things.

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