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Despite the contention, friction and frustration, rivalries make you better. They create, not destroy. This campaign features the real stories of NYC Originals who challenge and push each other forward with their own rivalries. Hooper vs hooper. Hair stylist vs hair stylist. DJ vs DJ. Inviting the world to see competition as the way to create progress.


Through the lens of Matvey Fiks, Rivalry features real-life rivalries currently taking place in New York City. Hooper vs hooper. Barber vs barber. DJ vs DJ. All dialogue is unscripted, real banter between true Rivals. Equal parts disparaging and encouraging, but showing respect in the truest form of the word. 

We wanted to celebrate the diverse cultural tapestry that the city offers, using it as a backdrop to paint an eclectic picture of the city’s multitude of backgrounds, passions, styles, and most importantly, lighthearted rivalries that foster growth and progress. 

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adidas Basketball
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adidas Basketball
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