Hey Jude

Client: adidas Football


Since the last time England has won an international trophy, 58 years have passed. We see England fans throughout the years living the moments of England’s tragic exits from tournaments.

That is until a new hope emerges: a 21-year old boy from Stourbridge, to take the nation’s weight on his shoulders.

England. 1996. The ball falls for Paul Gascoigne to score a golden goal but he just can’t reach enough to tap it in. England painfully exits. A story that has repeated itself since 1966. But in the case of England, there is always hope.

This time hope’s name is Jude Bellingham. For fans, it’s just “Jude”.

At only 20 years old, coming off winning La Liga and the Champions League with Real Madrid, he can carry the world on his shoulders, and he carried that magic into the EURO 2024 cup.