Deliciously Predictable

Client: Ore-Ida

Deliciously Predictable


It’s exciting to know how things will turn out when so much in life is out of our control. As anxiety has reached a fever pitch culturally, reassurance is cool. Certainty is exciting. So we’ve used the reassuring magic of Ore-Ida to modernize the brand for culture today with our new brand platform, Deliciously Predictable.

At the center of the campaign is a big, music anthem spot featuring a colorful cast of characters who sing the praises of certainty in every way it shows up in our lives.

Made in partnership with Will Wightman and the BlinkInk team, this irreverently charming campaign has been a spectacular journey of craft – from creating handmade prosthetics, hand-painted background scenery inspired by landscapes of Oregon and Idaho to the hand-drawn 2D animation that seamlessly integrates into the film.


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