Hear Life in HD

Client: Amazon Music

Live life uncompressed with Amazon Music HD


Amazon Music HD is a high-fidelity streaming service that allows consumers a chance to hear the music they love the way it was intended: uncompressed. Rather than overwhelming consumers with technical jargon, we turned our attention to the emotion felt behind music, that feeling when you pick an album and find yourself lost in a song for the hundredth time.


The Idea

The campaign focused on this fullness, an amplified reality that you can unlock when you watch music in HD.

The films embrace the HD qualities, transitioning into a High Definition view both is film and in effect, filled with vibrant colors and sounds to create a heightened sense of each emotion featured.

Our launch films, “Thrills” and “Determination” tell the stories of two people who find an escape through music, living out their fantasies as the uncompressed music pushes them driving through traffic, or driving to the hoop. The films also utilize a scrolling mechanism that shows the endless array of emotions that can be unlocked with HD music.

We ultimately delivered 1000+ assets including video, digital, social, radio, .com and a full toolkit for future OOH applications, helping Amazon Music launch Amazon Music HD globally.

The Work