We Exist to Create a World of Courageous Brands

Johannes Leonardo believes there is only one way for brands to have a positive impact on the world, to overcome consumer indifference and to create truly effective advertising.

It is through courageous acts.

Courage is not a nice-to-have creative pursuit, today it's a business necessity. Brands who do not act courageously will not tap into the true power of creativity because everything else is just more noise.

By Generating Transformative Ideas that Make Consumers the Medium

Through deep collaboration with our client partners we create long-term brand platforms that transform organizations. Not short-lived advertising campaigns.

Our ideas change perspectives, advocate for people and unlock the power of organizations from the inside out.

We are in the service of our client's bigger more inspiring future. it is with their scale and resources that we are able to access an intimate place in people's lives and have the incredible potential to shape the world around us.

With Ambitious and Generous People

It is the job of everyone at Johannes Leonardo to foster courage amongst ourselves and our client partners. Therefore we live by the following beliefs:

  1. Indisputably effective work leads culture
  2. To become a living example of the world we want to create
  3. We listen and listen even harder when we disagree
  4. People with the ambition to make our mark and the generosity to bring others along
  5. We always tell the truth
  6. Nobody is bigger than the idea
  7. We are valued partners