Kraft Heinz
Bagel Bites 2020
Pizza On A Bagel, We Can All Agree With That

 “It’s GIF!” “No, it’s JIF!” 

“It’s Soda” “ No, it’s Pop!”

“Text him” “No, call him!” 

There are no right answers here. But we did learn in our research that there’s one thing universally agreed upon and that’s pizza on a bagel. 

To launch a new campaign for Bagel Bites, we were tasked with reinvigorating and growing a brand that had an abundance of nostalgic love from the 90s but had since been forgotten. In such a complicated world, we needed to simplify things and remind everyone of the freezer staple they love most. 

We uncovered  real, playful conversations driving cultural chatter across America,  by speaking with  local people from LA to St. Louis and digging deep into online communities on YouTube and Reddit. Together with Bagel Bites, our agency unearthed over 60 fun, light-hearted cultural debates. Whether you like your Philly Cheesesteak with or without onions, prefer Vinyl over Digital or believe it’s better to fish in freshwater or saltwater, our campaign puts Bagel Bites quite literally in the center as the snack that no matter  your viewpoint, we can all agree is delicious.