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Vroom Healthcare Installation
We helped new parents turn everyday interactions into activities designed for early learning and development, during a time when children’s brains grow the fastest.

Babies make over one million new connections in their brains every second--more than any other time in our lives. In fact, research shows that children’s brains develop the most up to five years old. So how could we help new parents distill this science into simple, actionable steps?

Over the past two years, we've helped bring to life a partnership between Vroom and the Mount Sinai Parenting Center. The first brain-building project of its kind at this scale, the environmental takeover spanned 6 different hospital units, with 70+ individual deliverables ranging from large scale elevator wraps to a booklet of activities that parents can do with children in the waiting room, to creating posters/decals for staff areas. 

The pilot program is designed to be rolled out to other healthcare spaces, providing tips from the day an expectant parent walks in, well into parenthood after the child is born.

“As I walk down the halls and talk with the front desk staff, and the nurses and the food services staff, we all have a new sense of common purpose, a common language that we speak. It’s not just my one moment with a family, it’s all of our moments together with the messaging on the walls - transformed physical space and the culture of this space that will hopefully make a difference for children and families.”

 - Dr. Blair Hammond, Co-Founding Director and Director of Medical Education, The Mount Sinai Parenting Center