Molson Coors
Vizzy Hard Seltzer: The Obvious Choice
Launching a novel, new product with an obvious question: why wouldn’t you choose the one with Vitamin C?

 With hard seltzer exploding into a multi-billion-dollar category, Molson Coors was poised to launch its all-new hero seltzer product Vizzy. 

We needed a rapid, cut-through creative approach that would speed past competition to win loyalty from new customers.

If the choice, any choice, was between one thing with Vitamin C and the exact same thing without Vitamin C, wouldn’t you always choose the one with Vitamin C?

 Our creative approach for this campaign was simple — to highlight Vizzy’s most important differentiator, Antioxidant Vitamin C, in a comical and singular way. 

So for this campaign, rather than trying to pretend that our product was vastly unique, we leaned into the fact that all hard seltzers are virtually identical and instead touted the one key differentiating feature: Vizzy has Vitamin C, and that’s kinda cool, right? Why the heck wouldn’t you want a little extra Vitamin C? It’s that simple. 

The results are a series of hilariously self-aware :15s spots that don’t take themselves too seriously. The ads feature moments that blur the line, between reality and surreality. The reliability and humor is extremely refreshing for the category. 

Our relationship with Molson Coors was truly integral as we approached shooting this campaign remotely, in the midst of the pandemic.  And even with the extra hurdles of remote shoot, we stayed focused on launching the brand in a distinct way.