Kraft Heinz
Velveeta Foodie Call
Velveeta upgrades your late night cravings by turning booty calls into foodie calls.

Life’s two greatest pleasures are sex… and food. Yet late at night when one ramps up, the other shuts down, creating a food desert. 

So we helped Velveeta to create the Foodie call: late night’s first ever booty call food delivery service. 

On November 18, people were able to add 855-VELVEET to their booty call text and get the hottest meals delivered to their door, making their wildest food fantasies come true. 

People in the NYC area could choose between ‘Deep-delish pizza shells and cheese’ and ‘Please me, cheese me totchos’. 

Meanwhile, fans outside of NYC could text the same number to receive a ‘Velveeta foodie call’ kit to make their own at home. 

We also partnered with influencers to create sexy content and posted it late into the night.  We  launched a series of Tinder and OOH ads encouraging people on the prowl for a good time, to elevate their booty call experiences by texting Velveeta.