The Hoodie
It’s not just the clothes, but the thought that lives on.

We all have that article of clothing that’s been truly “lived in”. One that’s stayed with us that doesn’t last just a wash cycle, but a life cycle. Whether it’s been stained, borrowed, whatever it may be, it holds a treasure trove of memories. And the Gap hoodie is one of those iconic pieces and products. It has stood the test of time for the brand.

So, we decided to tell the loving story between two people—in this case, a mom and her son—through the eyes of a red Gap hoodie. This film tells the story of those intangible moments, but more importantly, it touches on the cross-generational impact only a brand as timeless as Gap can make.

The film launched “Gift the Thought”, a holiday program that reframes how people see the GAP shopping experience. Both in-store and digitally, gifts won’t be categorizing by name, but the thought behind it – accompanied by gift tags that lets people tell one another why.