Volkswagen North America
The Accountant
Excessive Where It Matters

In a three-part short film series the world’s largest automaker playfully challenges today’s culture of excess

The Atlas Cross Sport is a new SUV from Volkswagen that offers more than meets the eye.

With a starting MSRP of $30,545, dramatic coupe-like design, as well as advanced connectivity and driver-assistance systems, the Cross Sport is Volkswagen’s take on the right kind of excess. Its bold styling and abundant versatility present it as a sensible, logical, but highly appealing option for drivers looking to show up without showing off.

In a landscape where the irresponsible decision is all too easy and tempting to make, Volkswagen has offered up a luxurious—yet moderately priced—SUV that is both stylish and sensible. With signature Volkswagen wit, the campaign does not admonish all excess as bad, but celebrates “Driving Bigger” as a philosophy that leaves unnecessary excess behind.

So, for Volkswagen’s biggest product launch of the year, we wanted to bring two perspectives together—the left brain and the right brain—to show how this new SUV satisfies both.

In our “The Accountant”' series, our story comes to life in our hero character, a celebrity accountant played with perfectly tuned frustration by Paul Giamatti, and one of his celebrity clients, played with nonchalance by Kieran Culkin. 

Part I centers around this accountant forever trying to curb the excess spending of his clients, until one client finally surprises him with a practical purchase: the VW Atlas Cross Sport. Over the course of the three-part story, this odd couple will go on a journey with the Cross Sport—the third protagonist in this campaign—fleeing the symbolic excess of Las Vegas for the simplicity of the desert.

In search of his overspending celebrity client, in Part II, our accountant travels to the capital of excess culture: Las Vegas. But what he finds is surprising. His client's Atlas Cross Sport isn't the VW he had in his mind. It's something pretty badass. While he tries to contain his excitement for its luxury interior and handling, he’s still a skeptic. Maybe he’s missing something? Or maybe, just maybe, his client is finally seeing the light. After all, why be excessive when you can be excessive where it matters?

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