Thanksgiving Gone Good: Whose Job Is It?
On the day Everybody is thinking about food, we showed Anybody how to make a difference.

 Thanksgiving is arguably America’s biggest food moment during the year. However, on a day we should all be giving thanks, we’re also severely adding to the world’s annual 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste.

So in an effort to make the holiday more sustainable, Apeel used this moment to remind everyone — it’s all of of our jobs to make the world a better place, from farm, to distribution, to store, to table. 

Channeling the parable of “Everybody, Anybody, Somebody, & Nobody,” we created a film that is a statement about our ability to affect change. And that message is simple — when you pick Apeel’s longer-lasting produce, Anybody can make a difference for Everybody. The film, set in the world of someone’s computer desktop, shows this positive chain reaction in action. 

Featuring the real farmers, scientists, distributors, and more that make up Apeel’s network, the film sought to capture all those who are bettering the food system and making this chain of good a reality. 

To make sure the film’s Thanksgiving launch was as much a symbol of the chain reaction of good, as it is a statement on it, Apeel asked their employees, partners, and consumers to spread and re-share the film across their social channels, showing all at once how a chain can become a movement. 

Even now, this is a story that is just beginning, because when Everybody works together, we can all help create a longer-lasting planet.