Volkswagen North America
Overview Effect
With another perspective, you can see we’re all on this road together.

Thanks to technology, we all live in our own worlds, looking down at our phones instead of noticing everything around us—the world beyond us.

When Volkswagen came to us with their new Tiguan, which comes packed with technology designed to help drivers see the world around them, we dialed in on that tension: Volkswagen's technology is doing the exact opposite of what the world is criticizing technology for at this moment in time. 

The idea of the "Overview Effect" came from listening to interviews with astronauts who have spent significant time in space. They talk about the value of seeing the world from a different perspective to understand that we're all on this planet together. 

We decided to focus on the unique Overhead View Camera in the Tiguan and how it helps you see that "we're all on this road together." Technology doesn't have to be something that closes us off from the world around us. It can be something that helps us look around and stay aware of the world beyond ourselves.