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Oscar Mayer Wieners for Everyone
Frankly, we’re tired of all the wieners.

The sad truth: generally, life is a lot easier if you have a wiener. 

Take the Academy Awards, for example. You’re a lot more likely to win an Oscar if you have a wiener. And frankly, we’re tired of all the wieners.

So this year, we took Keep it Oscar to The Oscars to shed light on the issue that has constantly surrounded this prestigious award show.

To do so, we created a tactical OOH in three prominent placements around the venue to hijack a notoriously wiener-centric event. Using true statistics, we highlighted the advantages of having a wiener at the Oscars while driving consumers to @OscarMayer to see the company’s commitment to making change in this arena. The visual approach, brought to us by the lovely artist/animator Leanne Rule, shows a wiener on the director’s chair, and then we see a hand push it over. Not sorry.

On the ground, our esteemed and fearless frank operators drove two of our Wienermobiles around LA days leading up to and on the night of the Oscars. They helped showcase our message while grilling the Oscars at the same time.

We leveraged our social channels to announce our commitment and action plan in addressing gender inequality in film. We used Twitter to showcase the KIO persona and voice while interacting, informing, and engaging with the following base in real time during the the Oscars.

See how they’re making change @OscarMayer.