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Original is 
Never Finished SS18
One creator influences the next in adidas Originals’ new Never Finished Campaign.

So much of the world has settled into a numbing complacency. Caught on a loop, refusing to change what they have the power to change.

Yet for adidas Originals, each act of creation begins with an act of iteration. A reflection on the past to progress the new.

To launch this idea, the Brand with the Three Stripes puts forth its next iteration of “Original is Never Finished,” featuring some of the world’s most influential creators — Dua Lipa, A$AP Ferg, Nick Young, Florencia Galarza, Luhan, and more — as each creator’s act impacts and influences the next.

Scoring the film is a recreation of Inaya Day’s “Keep Pushin’,” which has been remade into a powerful electronic anthem for the long-form film, and which will appear in multiple unique iterations across the various pieces of the campaign.

The roll out will continue throughout 2018 with additional content and activations, each facet an effort to prove that out of repetition comes variation; out of variation, comes iteration; and out of iteration, comes creation.