EA Sports
Madden NFL 19
Madden tells the story of the greatest play call ever and invites fans to take their shot at becoming a legend.

To become a Madden legend, it doesn’t just take skills. You need strategy, guile, and at times, pure guts. So, to launch the next installment in the storied Madden NFL franchise, we set out to
motivate fans to become legends themselves by showing how the perfect play call can change everything.

Narrated by Lil Dicky and Chris Redd, our launch film recounts how an epic play call by a player named Will sets off a chain of events that take him from gamer to legend. As word of his play call spreads, his story permeates pop culture. Nicki Minaj and Joel Embiid become fans. Quavo raps about him. Complex’s Hot Ones gives Will his own hot sauce. ESPN creates a 30 for 30. SpongeBob SquarePants write him into an episode. Katie Nolan reports on his genius. All of which motivates viewers to not just play Madden 19, but to make their play at greatness - just like Will. As part
of our campaign, we will be activating parts of the film into the real world – from activating Will’s number to play Quavo’s track, posting Lil Dicky's Yelp review of the diner, and much more.