Kraft Heinz
The Singles Single feat. Kelis
So good at Singles, we decided to drop one.

Moving out of the kitchen and into the cultural spotlight, Kraft Singles drops the Singles Single. And it features none other than multi-platinum singer/songwriter/chef Kelis. Yes, that Kelis. 

“Square It (feat. Kelis)” is a full-length musical track that explores all the glorious ways to use a Kraft Single while throwing shade at all other cheeses. Hella hotta than ricotta.   

The Singles Single launched on all streaming platforms alongside a limited edition vinyl record with packaging designed to match the iconic Kraft Singles American cheese. 

And it was accompanied by a music video directed by Sammy Rawal and starring Honey Balenciaga. A feast for your eyes. Also just a feast. 

Stream “Square It (feat. Kelis)” and watch the official music video here:   

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The track also scored a series of highly choreographed short-form videos showcasing the ubiquity of Kraft Singles across a smorgasbord of dishes.