Kraft Heinz
Kraft Singles Fancy Cheese Takedown
Taking Fancy Cheese down one bar at a time.

Kraft Singles is America’s cheese, but having a big stage comes with a price…Haters. Watch as Slim Single, the walking talking rapping pack of Kraft Singles, takes on Brie, Gouda and Sharp Chedda in the lyrical rap battle showdown of the century.

In partnership with IllmacTV and RapOff, we created a rap battle that reclaims the value of American Cheese, takes down dairy snobbery once and for all, and personifies Kraft Singles in the way we’ve always seen them: as the champion of the refrigerator. 

First, we introduced the world to Slim Single with his very own freestyle that proved he was a real contender in the rap battle space. And then came the Fancy Cheese Takedown—a three and half minute rap battle that settled the score in the cheese drawer. 

In less than one month, the campaign content has garnered over six million views and gained Slim Single thousands of fans, showing the power of this authentic work.