Kraft Heinz
Kraft Natural Cheese: #WhatMyCheeseSees
Kraft taps into America’s love of night cheese.

For years, America has been reaching for Kraft’s iconic Natural Cheese in the middle of the night. We wanted to embrace that.

While swiping through TikTok, we came across the point of view (POV) trend and realized it was the perfect way to address this cheese craze. All of a sudden, #WhatMyCheeseSees was born.

We enlisted the help of some of TikTok’s funniest creators and worked hand in hand with them to bring this POV concept to life. They showed us what their cheese saw at 3AM and invited everyone else to do the same. Then, we created a supercut from their content and launched it all over Kraft’s social media channels to get even more traction.

Because Kraft Natural Cheese just hits different at night, and it’s about time it took its rightful place as the official cheese of 3AM.