Kraft Heinz
Oscar Mayer: Keep It Oscar
A reminder to take life less seriously by sparking unexpected smiles wherever we go.

Oscar Mayer had a problem that a lot of big, historic brands have today: the brand wasn't acting iconic. Any positive equity Oscar Mayer historically had as a brand was long gone. So when Oscar Mayer came to us to launch its first masterbrand campaign in decades, we went back to the past to figure out how to move forward into the future. 

By looking at their most iconic work, like the Wienermobile and “My Bologna Has A First Name”, we discovered that the brand’s best advertising didn’t look or sound or act like advertising at all. It was created first and foremost to make people smile in simple, unexpected ways. The work was always done with tongue firmly in cheek, never taking the brand too seriously.  

With this in mind, the Keep It Oscar campaign was born. Keep it Oscar is both an attitude and an invitation to look on the lighter side of life, the side that Oscar Mayer has historically been on. In a campaign that’s more akin to pop art than traditional commercial campaigns, you’ll find almost no narratives, explanations or context. It’s just meat-based fun showing up unexpectedly (just like the Weinermobile) and leaving a trail of grins in the rearview mirror.