It’s Our Denim Now
We celebrated the unifying power of denim for this new and diverse generation.

Not long ago, GAP continuously stood for bridging gaps and bringing people together through the power of their own product. So for the Fall 2019 campaign, Gap came to us with a mission to re-ignite that spirit and return the brand to its roots through a modern lens. 

“It’s Our Denim Now” is not only a rallying cry, but a representation of today’s younger generation’s spirit to take matters into their own hands and to unify through a common vision.

The launch film is about diversity in regards to both fits and individuals. Leaving the iconic GAP white psych, it showcases a new generation of individuals wearing a wide range of denim styles and fits, including the High Rise Cigarette, the newest offering for women, and the men's Skinny made with GapFlex technology, and making it their own. Inherently, the film sets out to show that there is a fit for everyone to feel comfortable in and do as they please. And when one feels comfortable in their own skin, they are empowered to move towards an optimistic future.

The accompanying print campaign was shot by Tyler Mitchell, who also captured Beyoncé’s Vogue cover. The photos continued the campaign’s theme of showing a diversity of fits and people and celebrating this generation’s empowerment through their individuality.


Photography 4
Photography 1
Photography 2