Make Good Art
A commencement speech by Neil Gaiman

“When things get tough, this is what you should do,” says Neil Gaiman, legendary author, graphic novelist, and showrunner. “Make. Good. Art.”

For as long as pretty much most of us can remember, hopeful graduates aspired to the safe and secure jobs we all knew—accountants, lawyers, doctors, astronauts—heck, even marketer—with creativity being relegated to a hobby or the hopeful providence of only a chosen few. But in 2022, for the first time ever, “creator” entered the job market—a career path 54% of teens said they wish they could take.

As part of Instagram’s $1billion commitment to supporting Creators, Instagram issued a commencement speech just for them. A speech by Neil Gaiman originally given to the University of the Arts in twenty years ago, and one that rings truer now than ever.

A message to aspiring Creators that wherever you are in life, whatever you’re facing, through creativity, we all have the power to “make” our way through it.

“Make Good Art” is the latest installation in the Yours to make campaign established by Johannes Leonardo and Instagram’s Creative X last year as the brand continues to hand the reins over to its vast consumer base.