Kraft Heinz
Help Yourself
Sometimes you can’t help yourself, when you Help Yourself to a bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Comfort has a bad reputation. 

It’s seen as lazy, unproductive, “the enemy of progress,” as one crazy Google search result showed.

So as America’s favorite comfort food, this was … an issue. 

After a year-and-a-half of working from home and switching to a more comfortable lifestyle that puts yourself first, were we really just going to go back to the lifestyle of  “work hard, play hard”?

Not on our watch.

Introducing “Help Yourself” — a call to start prioritizing comfort, as much as it is an invitation to help yourself to a delicious bowl of mac & cheese.

Launched with a film called “Skip”—an invitation to skip life’s always-on pressure and social conditioning, from the always-on work cycle, to the perpetual chasing of material goods. Directed by Jack Begert and scored by Remi Wolf, the film pushes Kraft Mac & Cheese away from the table and into the spotlight.

Supported by a collection of illustrated animations, gifs, and stills from Rezonate Productions, the pieces are designed to interrupt social feeds and remind you that no one can take care of you, like you.  

The resulting work is a celebration and provocation to put yourself first, and dig into a more comfortable life. After all that’s why they call it a “helping,” right?

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