Project Re:brief
Inspiring the communications industry to re-imagine the possibilities of display advertising. History’s best advertising re-imagined for the digital age.

Despite years of innovation, display ads were still perceived as a derivative medium and relegated to a second-tier of creative work, used to disrupt more than they were to connect, engage, and entertain. Getting the industry’s attention was one challenge, but getting the industry to reassess the potential of the medium was another entirely.

Could Advertising’s biggest ideas fit into the smallest of ad spaces? To create an immediate change in perception we put display ads to the ultimate test. We asked five legends of American advertising to re-imagine their most iconic advertising campaigns for a medium they knew almost nothing about: the web.

Paula Green, Harvey Gabor, Howie Cohen, Bob Pasqualina, and Amil Gargano, the creative minds behind Avis’ ‘We try harder’, Coca-Cola’s ‘I’d like to buy the world a coke,’ Alka-Seltzer’s ‘I can’t believe I ate the whole thing’ and Volvo’s ‘Drive it like you hate it’ joined Project Re:Brief to demonstrate the potential of display and mobile advertising.