Food Gone Good.
Launching the world’s next sustainability icon.

Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. But few solutions exist to create lasting change.

So when Apeel, a start-up that discovered a way to use nature to protect nature, to make produce last longer and therefore fight food waste and climate change, we had but one question:

What if instead of food going bad, it went good?

In 2020, Apeel partnered with Johannes Leonardo to launch FOOD GONE GOOD. More than a message, it was a new way of thinking—one that could cause a chain reaction inside the chain of food production.

We would do that by first demonstrating the product through a unique visual identity. Visualizing the product’s own protective layer, by taking inspiration from an art form based on layering—screen-printing—and creating a look and feel unprecedented in the category.

We soon followed with a collection of “epiphanies”—sparks of inspiration in the form of film, print, OOH, in-store, digital, radio, and more. Each reminding you that food didn’t just have to make a meal—it could make a difference.

Even now, the idea continues to build momentum. Bringing in partners, collaborators, retailers, and organizations across the food chain.

And showing what happens when food doesn’t go bad. But instead, goes good.

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