Prada for adidas
Craft over everything.
The hand-made story behind the union of two of fashion’s most iconic brands.

In the history of sneakers, no other has reached the iconic status of Superstar.

For the next chapter of the shell-toe’s story, Prada, the ultimate luxury-maker, set out not to change its narrative, but to perfect it—crafting the white leather symbol in its own factories in Italy, with the highest-quality materials, manufacturing practices, and principles.

It was a radical overhaul, with a considered outcome. Proving that this collaboration was about one thing: CRAFT OVER EVERYTHING.

To honor the level of craftsmanship that went into the making-of this Superstar (and bag—neither would be sold separately), we created a campaign that was made entirely by hand.

In a miniaturized version of the Prada factory, the process unfolded from start-to-finish—the emphasis on the role of the disproportionately large hands as they crafted the new Limited Edition products.

A massive effort, for the tiniest details. A deft hand at the core. Craft over everything. Prada for adidas Originals.

Launching in FW19–and selling out minutes later.