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adidas Copa Experiential Activation at Area 19
Finally… A Soccer Boot Launch With Substance

For decades the Copa soccer boot has been the go-to leather boot for the ‘Deft-Touch Player.’ As other boots in the category moved towards touting bold colors and synthetic materials, the Copa remained true to its core strength - its incredibly soft leather feel.  

So instead of going along with the current trends, we doubled down on our strengths and  kept the consumer at the center. Transforming famous players, the press and everyday athletes into the medium for us to deliver our exciting message.

A launch experience that forced attendees to focus on what makes the Copa special - its feel.

The 120 football journalists and influencers were invited to a secret location in Milan, and here we made them feel their way through a series of experiences, in near total darkness. Each sector focusing on a different aspect of the boot’s design.

Once the attendees emerged from the facility they were able to announce the boot to the world, not because they’d seen it, but instead because they had felt it. 

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